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All About The Wood

Sustainable Quality Reborn
Gear set to go

After a dozen or so years enjoying all the Fabulous Florida Keys has to offer, proved how fragile a small but monumentally significant eco system truly is.

A National Marine Sanctuary I enjoyed as my backyard everyday.

The Florida Reef is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States and the third largest coral barrier reef system in the world.


Seafood was so abundant it made visitors jealous. Kayaking, snorkeling or simply wading in the crystal clear ocean was an absolute blast. 


Crabbers or "Trappers" build their gear to last submerged for as many seasons as possible but frequently weather clearly dictates the time frame. Hurricanes toss around gear to a complete loss sometimes. I know many who've lost hundreds of traps from a single storm or tidal surge. 

When their gear has "expired",  folks like me grab it up to let it live another creative moment. If not it's forever landfill bound where even mother nature lacks the power to deliver it back to it's "roots". 

I'm pleased to search the yards and select what is now in front of you for you to enjoy. Scouring the yards is quite pleasant since I'm also enjoying the beauty "The Keys" presents every day. Enduring endless soothing sunshine, calm ocean and gulf breezes, crystal clear waters and of course stopping at a few local places for a fresh hogfish sandwich, stone crabs and a crisp cold beverage. It's what makes this venture a joy. 

My trapper friends always ensure the wood is available so I enjoy doing my part to help keep The Fabulous Florida Keys free of junk. 

I hope I've done a good job in repurposing this once food gathering item for you to enjoy in another form. 

My dear friend Marty was one of those trappers and he would have loved to see the recreations I've come up with. M2.